1. Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Production Line Featuring high efficiency and simple operation, this metal forming machine is regularly utilized for the manufacturing of PU sandwich panels which are often used as insulated wall and roof panels for steel structures, cold storages, and mobile buildings.
    1. Expanded Polystyrene Sandwich Panel Production Line As its name indicates, the EPS sandwich panel line is designed to produce structural insulated panels with expanded polystyrene foam as the core. With PLC and touch screen control system, it is your perfect choice if you are looking for SIP production lines for the manufacturing of EPS insulated roof panel or wall panel.
    1. Roll Forming Machine for Steel Facade Panels Fabricated for steel facing panel production, the roll forming machine is available with 13 groups of forming rollers supporting width adjustment. One side of the roller is fixed, while the other side can be adjusted via screw.
    1. Double Layer Roll Forming Machine for Roofing Sheets Backed by our vast knowledge and expertise in sheet metal fabrication, we have designed this roll forming machine for production of color steel profiles in two different specifications.
    1. Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Light weight: Thanks to its light weight, the installation is easy and flexible , Temperature retention and heat insulation: good thermal insulation. Temperature resistance range from -110℃ to 50℃.
    1. Expanded Polystyrene Sandwich Panel With light weight of only 10-14kg/㎡, the sandwich panel with EPS core is easy and flexible in installation.
      High intensity and rigidity makes the insulated panel suitable for variety of weight-bearing structures.
    1. Galvanized Steel Coil To fit clients' demands, we also supply steel sheets in coil form, in addition to our vast range of machines for sheet metal forming and fabrication.
    1. Pre-painted Steel Coil Pre-painted steel, or precoated steel, is a popular collection steel sheet material for production of wall sheets, roofing sheets, home appliance housing, and more.

Our range of products include the sandwich panel production line, roof tile forming machine, cladding forming machine, metal decking forming machines, etc. We also can supply steel coils, EPS sandwich panels, PU sandwich panels to suit diverse requirements of our global customers.

Today, we have exported our metal forming machines to America, Chile, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Honduras, Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Kuwait, Syria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Gana, Guinea, South Sudan, Algeria, Niger, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

We have rich experience in providing metal forming machinery solutions, and all our products are available at competitive prices and with excellent service. We will continue to do our best to supply perfect products and service for customers. We welcome you to contact us for further information.

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